To be eligible for institutional membership, a bank must be 51% minority-owned or have a majority -minority board and serve a predominently minority community. Currently there are 35 member banks.

Ethnic composition of membership includes African-Americans, Native-Americans, Indian-Americans, East-Indians, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans. Women-owned banks also are eligible to join the NBA.

Majority banks can join as "affiliate" members. We currently have 7 Affiliate members. There are also 16 individuals or "Associate" members of the NBA.


The NBA and its Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) were cited by the President of the United States for their efforts to increase the number of Fortune 500 companies that do business with minority financial institutions and other minority businesses.

Currently several of the Fortune 500 companies are doing business with NBA member banks. These relationships have generated over millions in lines of credit and billions in non-credit services.