The Affiliate Membership category was organized in 1972 to allow non-minority financial institutions who share common interests with the National Bankers Association.


  • To actively support the interests and concerns of the National Bankers Association
  • To promote the common interests of the nation's minority and women-owned banks
  • To participate in all phases of the NBA's activities, including hosting seminars, advertising in NBA Today Magazine and participating in the Annual Convention
  • To promote the growth of the NBA by increasing non-minority institutional membership and implementing programs beneficial to all members of the NBA
  • To support where possible legislative and regulatory initiatives which concern and affect NBA member banks and the communities they serve

To be eligible for membership, an institution must share in the common interest and concerns of the National Bankers Association and its members. Each Affiliate member is required to pay $2,000 annually in dues to participate in the benefits that the NBA offers.

Membership Benefits
  • Affiliate membership entitles the the institution access to the NBA's national office, its corporate advisory group and all institutional members, 2 paid Associate (individual) memberships, participation in the NBA published activities at the member rate.
  • Affiliate members support all of the NBA's programs. They participate in two major meetings: The Annual Legislative Conference and the Annual Convention.
  • Affiliate membership can also favorably impact a bank's Community Re-investment Act (CRA) rating. Under procedures published on March 31, 1992 by the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC), non-minority owned financial institutions now receive favorable CRA consideration for (1) capital investment, (2) loan participation and (3) other co-ventures undertaken with minority and women-owned banks.